Pokemon: Best Wishes 2! Episode 3

Survival at Onix Island!

A few days into the training camp, and Hikari’s already bored…it doesn’t look like it takes very much. Taking a vacation from hunting, the go to an empty island nearby chasing rumours of an unusual Onix.

But to be honest, that’s not what the episode’s about. This episode was all about the birth of the ultimate girl combination, pairing Iris and Hikari up together, and the Onix were just an excuse to get the two of them seperated from the group. Be it playing with Pokemon that they’re not used to, constantly walking into dead ends or teaming up to vine-swing through the jungle, the episode really focused on the chemistry between the two…and I have to say, it worked pretty well.

Apart from the duo of girls, they wanted to focus on Meloetta’s form change, showing the first transformation into Step Forme, as her song woke up the shiny Onix and thrashed the rock Pokemon with a dance-like Close Combat.An episode later, and the new quadrio of characters have grown pretty nicely, with Meloetta also having a respectable amount of development and a fair amount of hints towards the role Meloetta’s going to be playing in the plot to come.


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