Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui! Episodes 3 & 4

Since I’m Not Popular, The Weather’s Bad
Since I’m Not Popular, I’ll Have a Good Dream

Justin (1)

I’m starting to wonder why I like the main character so much, or why I feel bad for her. Then I like her and feel bad for her.

If I were to explain her to someone, she wouldn’t sound very appealing. I mean, let’s be honest. She’s a judgmental, awkward and perverted hikkomauri. It’s true that you don’t hear girls discussing which bathing suit will reveal the most skin in public, but still. I guess I can sort of understand her reaction to those type of conversations.

In my opinion, people with such a  hate-filled reaction use it as more of a defense mechanism – I know a few people like this. Not only does Kuroki nothing about the people they’re judging, but let’s face it, she would gladly join in on those conversations herself if they allowed her to. I guess this is the very definition of being insecure and the anime is doing a wonderful job at showing that.

One thing that I’m not getting right now is her sexual portrayal and the inconsistencies that come with it. Psychologically, I think Kuroki is an interesting character – I can’t help but want to learn more about her. However, I think her sexual fetishes and such are a little over the top. Maybe it’s just for me? But I don’t think they match her character very well. Perhaps most would disagree and perhaps I’m looking too much into something that’s obviously just used for comedy, but still, that’s normally how I feel.

Speaking of which, the worst scene in these last two episodes was when Kuroki’s dad walked in on what he thinks was her passed out in ecstasy… Or should I say best scene? I totally forgot that part in the manga and if it were me, I’d probably just shut the door and pretend I saw nothing. He’s a total boss for how he handled it and now wins dad of the season award.

We also can’t forgot the kindness that was portrayed by those two boys in the rain, even if Kuroki didn’t realize they left an umbrella for her. It was probably the cringiest part yet actually when she was explaining how much she was sweating and that she had to take a messy shit… Well, it multiplied it by many times when she repeated it because they didn’t hear her. Although I was laughing my ass off I have to say I’ve been in similar situations – making some joke that no one finds funny and only end up embarrassing myself. It’s not fun.

I’m just still so glad they adapted the Kuroki’s Basketball joke. I don’t care if I’m the only one in the world who liked it. Actually I don’t understand why people need to “pause” to continue. Seriously? Well, I guess people feel too much cringe for one sitting. Personally I’m laughing my ass off.


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