Gatchaman Crowds Episode 2

Episode 02


First of all, I stopped blogging Danganronpa. My atrocious attempt at episode 1 definitely isn’t the reason. Okay it might have had a slightly.. significant impact on my decision, but it’s not the only reason (it is).

Moving swiftly on, I’m also behind on Gatchaman! How convenient! Now I can totally demolish this post too with a daring rush job and an “eh” attitude. Really though, let’s get down to business. Hajime is a damn fine A-class protagonist and deserves a medal for her performance already. I was extremely -TEMPTED- to watch episode 2 again, but I’m way too lazy for that, so instead I just looked at screenshots and animated them with my imagination and amazing(-ly bias) voice overs. Not quite as exciting as I’d have figured it to be. Regardless, I’ll definitely attempt to watch episode 3 within the next month. Ha, just kidding. I hope. In all seriousness, I just haven’t been able to take the time from my busy schedule to get the chance to blog and it’s just so stressful.. and I.. I was playing games all day okay. I’m glad you can forgive me.

The episode itself though. If I had any attention span whatsoever I would love to sit and write about it. But frankly, that’s boring. So I’ll just gush about it with nonsensical crap instead. Admittedly though, it did amaze me how Hajime handeled that um, colourful box monster thing. Blonde eyebrows though jeez, that guy needs to get a grip. She is one ballsy gurl. +1 sister. Oh hey J.J., I’ll just come up and sit next to you while everyone poops in their lavendar scented panties. Non-conformism is so great. I can see myself getting a Paiman toy soon. Maybe a set of Tachibana eyebrows to go with it. Or we could just skip that last one. It’s unusual how I’ve enjoyed this since I don’t usually appreciate superheroes. Although to be fair, it’s hardly like I expected it to be.

Roll on episode 3 though! Oh it’s already out. Right. Been out for ages. Totally going to go watch that now. Trust me. I’m a Doctor.


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