First Impression: Natsuiro Kiseki

Natsuiro Kiseki

I haven’t been in the mood for slice-of-life anime featuring kids since Usagi Drop finished, and this one doesn’t help. Four childhood friends wish upon a rock, go through pointless drama after one of the girls suddenly breaks off her friendship, wish upon a rock again, and fly into the air. Yeah, not the most interesting thing in the world. The characters are likeable but stereotypical, none of them interesting enough for me to keep watching. I do appreciate that the show has a serious tone (no comedy or fanservice), and some of the moments are cute. Maybe if my life wasn’t so busy, I’d enjoy it more. And maybe I’ll have better luck with Hyouka.

Well, if you’re in the mood for the magic of friendship and middle school kids just being kids, then this is totally for you. =D


One thought on “First Impression: Natsuiro Kiseki

  1. So, the only thing that interested me in this title – the “mysterious happening” mentioned in the synopsis – is actually a magical flight? Then no, thank you, I’m not interested in middle school girls antics. I won’t watch this either.

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