First Impression: Ginga e Kickoff!!

Ginga e Kickoff!!

I might be in the minority here, but I actually enjoyed this. No, it’s not the next Giant Killing, and it’s not as cool or unique as Kuroko’s Basketball, so the only reasonable explanation I can think of for liking it is that I just have a soft spot for kiddy anime. I dig stuff like Gakuen Alice and Digimon, so uh…yeah. ^^!

The premise is fairly simple–a kid named Shou wants to revive his soccer team. Apparently, he used to play on a good team, but the players went their separate ways and it was eventually disbanded. He ends up recruiting a girl who is more skilled than he is, and they get a chance to play against a female pro. The main thing Shou has going for himself is his passion for soccer. His loud, assertive personality might come off as annoying sometimes, but I do like characters that won’t accept giving up the things they love, despite the odds of success. If he gets worse though, like becoming whiny or domineering, I’m hoping the other characters will make up for it. At least the girl and her dog are cool.

So, I’m willing to try out a few more episodes. You’ll find out how it’s going in the next monthly summary.


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