Tsuritama Episode 7

Painful Countdown

This week, it looks like it’s time for everything to hit the fan and go south, as Haru gives up fishing and we get a lot of Natsuki and his family in the main picture, allowing Yuki to step out the spotlight for an episode. And that made this episode feel rather lackluster, in all honesty.

Yeah, i’m not going to argue that it wasn’t amazing, and that it wasn’t done really well with everyone arguing and fighting at the end, and that getting some story on Natsuki was well overdue, but…he just doesn’t seem to be main character material. I personally think that this comes straight down the way his angst was completely overplayed, in a manner similar to how Haru’s nature gets constantly overplayed and overdone.

One angsty episode later, and Natsuki’s sisters run away, which I don’t actually blame for her when you think about how everyone acted this episode. It didn’t have any of the aspects which make this show good, and as such, it just…didn’t feel like it was all there this week.

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